“I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” – Barack Obama

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I must confess. I’m not a writer. I’m just a concerned citizen that believes it’s time for the change we need. We need it now and we need to know we’ll get it.

When I saw this picture of Obama smoking a cigarette like a joint I laughed hard. Our President is awesome! Of all the stuff that has been made in Obama’s name. Someone needs to make “Obama Blunts.”

Obama smoking a cig like a joint.

“Puff, Puff, Give!”

Now on the serious side of things.

Obama was blunt about his answer. The question was posted on Barack’s website. In a successful effort from the collaboration of many websites on the nets. This question became the number #1 question in the “Open for Questions” section of the site. The question was, “Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?” S. Man, Denton

To which Obama replied, “President-elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana.”

Why in the world would Obama say this? This is a person that has smoked it himself. This is a person that is aware of the ludicrous laws. This is a person that understands the amount of revenue and jobs that this plant would make the United States. This is the President-Elect that I voted for CHANGE! This is a President-Elect I thought would finally end these antiquated laws. These laws that cost us billons. These laws that have so much fail that adding the word “epic” hardly does justice for them.

Citizens are rotting in prison cells. Millions have been locked up at your expense on a victimless crime. You the taxpayer are paying for this. Our fellow American’s are being locked away for years. And nothing is changing!

We are locking up our people because they are sick and looking for relief. We are also punishing them by not allowing them to access medicine that has been proven to help in countless diseases. We are locking up doctors that are genuinely trying to help our sick. Our sick are not criminals. The doctors that try to help them are not criminals either.

This is not the drug that our government has told us it is. There are no overdose deaths. Millions of Americans smoke or ingest marijuana every year. These are our Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters. They are also our friends. Most are law abiding citizens. They have families, friends, and even become President.

We need to let Barack Obama know and understand that we demand the Change he promised us.

We need to legalize it, tax it, regulate it.

Concentrated CBD Oil and Your Health

Hemp Fields FarmAre you trying to treat a medical condition that is just stubborn? Have you tried a lot of medical interventions for your condition and you just feel like they aren’t working? Or maybe you have heard of concentrated CBD oil and the fact that it might be able to help you but you’re not sure where to get good information on it. No matter your reason for being interested in concentrated CBD oil, there’s a good chance that it can help you with several medical conditions.

CBD oil is a cannabinoid just like THC. However, unlike THC, you will not get high when you use CBD oil. The two chemicals are related, and both are found in the marijuana plant, but CBD does not have the properties that bring on the high feeling. This makes it useful for people who just cannot be high all the time. In fact, that is most of us. We need to go to work, drive our cars, be present for our families, and more. Using CBD oil can allow us to reap the benefits that the marijuana plant has to offer without feeling high all the time.

CBD oil seems to work with the endocannabinoid system  That already exists in every human body. This system uses cannabinoids, similar to CBD and THC, to send messages all over the body. The system seems to regulate inflammation and pain, appetite and nausea, sleep cycles, emotional stability, and more. This could explain why endocannabinoids are so useful in treating so many different conditions. As long as the condition is related to the endocannabinoid system, the CBD oil can help.

Concentrated CBD oil is just that: it is CBD oil that is not diluted at all. This means that, depending on your dosage, you may be able to use just a drop or two and still reap many benefits. Your concentrated CBD oil, then, will last for a long long time. It also is very portable, so you can do things like take it to work with you, leave it in your car, or carry it in your purse. This means that you’re more likely to have your oil when you need it most!

Concentrated CBD oil is most commonly used to treat pain. Specifically, it seems to help with nerve pain that other medications cannot touch. This is great news for people with multiple sclerosis or those on Cancer drugs that cause this type of pain. Many of the other medications out there, in addition to being less effective, can also make people very tired. When they choose CBD oil instead, they find that they can manage their pain and still participate in all of the activities that they love.

Concentrated CBD oil can also be used to treat things like endometriosis, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and more. The best way to find out if concentrated CBD oil is something you should try is to speak with your doctor. Your medical professional will have the best idea as to whether CBD oil will be right for you.

Get the Help That You Need From the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program

There are still many people who are suspicious about medical marijuana. Some people don’t realize that the medical marijuana is completely different than regular cannabis. When you get medical cannabis, the psychoactive properties have been removed and there is no danger of being affected like regular marijuana can affect you. If you read all of the great stories about those who have been using medical marijuana, you will get a good idea of how it is helping many people. There are many states now, that don’t allow regular marijuana, but they do allow medical cannabis. This is up for debate in many other states who are trying to get the medical marijuana legalized. Those who need the help from it, are trying to get the general public to realize that it is very valuable. When those who are sick from diseases or other conditions that cause them to have a lot of pain and other debilitating symptoms, they are very anxious to get it legalized so that they can freely use it to help them manage their symptoms. Those who are using it and getting the help that they need are very happy that it has been legalized in their state. The clinic of Doctor THC can be the right fit for you if you are needing medical marijuana.

When you are ready to meet this Doctor THC, you can call and make an appointment. You can find the right medical marijuana for your particular medical problem. By seeing a medical doctor that knows about the advantages of Medical marijuana, you will benefit by getting the treatment that you need. NJMMPWhen it comes to NJMMP, you will be very glad to have the help from the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. This is the program that you can get by getting help from Doctor THC. This program can make all the difference in your life. This program can start you on a way to get recovery and help from the disease or condition that may have left your life altered because of the debilitation that you may have suffered. You can count on the help from this great program to get you the help that you need. Don’t wait to call Doctor THC. There are several clinics and you will be able to get the help that you need. An assessment will be made to get you started on your journey to get the help that you need.

A good medical cannabis doctor will be a good thing to have in your life if you have symptoms of certain diseases. He can start you on the path to a great recovery program that can change your life. Hopefully, this kind of program can get your life much easier to live and let you do some of the things that you haven’t been able to do for a while. You will be able to get the medical marijuana that will be life changing and will help get rid of the symptoms that are keeping you in pain.