4 Things to Keep in Mind While Finding 420 Hotels

420 hotels are a great way to enjoy what a marijuana friendly jurisdiction has to offer to its locals and tourists alike.

Designed to serve those who are visiting such a location for a few days, these marijuana hotels make sure to provide an environment that is not just ideal to consume marijuana, but also to enjoy it in many different ways. marijuana hotels

But in order to make use of such offerings to the hilt, you have to ensure that you are aware of what these 420 friendly rentals can do for you.

Here are a few things to help you make sure that your experience at a marijuana lodging returns the most bang for your buck.

1. Check For the Basics First

A marijuana friendly lodging usually allows you to smoke within your room without any repercussions. In such cases, ventilation is provided by adjacent private balconies. In rooms where private balconies are not available, customers are provided with public smoking spaces such as a public balcony or courtyard.

Make sure that you check for these basics. Ideally, being able to smoke marijuana in your room should be on top of the list. But if you can’t find such a place, then check with your traveling companion or party if they would be comfortable with sharing a public smoking space all the time.

2. Marijuana Lounges are a Great Way to Socialize

Speaking of public smoking spaces, they could actually prove to be quite an experience during your stay.

Since these smoking lounges allow like-minded people to smoke in a public setting, this provides you with an opportunity to connect with other marijuana connoisseurs. Keeping this in mind, make sure to consider a hotel that has one of these lounges as an option. This way, you could enjoy smoking with kindred spirits while also enjoying snacks and comfy seating provided by the hotel.


3. Check if You Can Get the Staff to Guide You

Most 420 rentals also hold special staff such as concierges that could guide you through the local establishments. This allows you to not only obtain your marijuana, but to do so in a safe and pleasant manner.

You can check for such an ability in a 420 friendly lodging before booking it by going through its online listing or website. In other cases, you can simply call and ask if the hotel has any staff that could guide you as well.


 4. Going with 420 Hotels With Tour Packages Also Helps

You can take that “guidance” a step further and check for marijuana hotels that offer tour packages along with their stay.

These tour packages offer specially designed trips aided by the hotel staff or a third party vendor. The tour often includes visits to various local marijuana-based businesses such as cannabis dispensaries and boutiques.

But they can also include local sights in between. Booking such a tour can help you go through the area from the locals’ perspective, which only goes on to contribute to your overall experience.