Is CBD and THC Seltzer a Better Way to Consume Marijuana?

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of marijuana, then you may have heard of CBD and THC seltzer.

As an offering that is taking the cannabis sector by storm, these cannabis drink products have been hitting news outlets left right and center.

But that’s not the only aspect where these products are making their presence known. Instead, they are being welcomed with open arms by marijuana consumers for more than one reason. THC Seltzer

Accessibility, variety, and ease of use are among the top reasons of the popularity behind these CBD and THC seltzer products. In fact, these reasons are being so popularized by those who are fond of these drinks that they are slowly taking precedent over consuming marijuana through traditional means.


Why is It Being Considered a Better Way to Consume Marijuana?

While smoking marijuana would be the preferred method for many cannabis aficionados, the several benefits that these cannabis drink products bring to the table cannot be denied. Apart from being available in seltzer from, companies are also venturing into introducing other widely used drinks that are mixed with marijuana, such as cannabis infused beer.


One of the major reasons why CBD and THC seltzer products are gaining so much popularity is due to their accessibility.

Apart from being available in cannabis dispensaries, these products can also be bought from and consumed in regular stores and establishments that decide to sell marijuana-based items on their own discretion.

This is especially true for CBD seltzer, which doesn’t contain any amount of THC. The drink is thus branded as being something that comes without the “high” inducing properties that are associated with cannabis.


Instead of being stuck with one usual taste that comes through the act of smoking, marijuana consumers can now choose through a variety of tasting profiles for their CBD and THC infused drink products.

Apart from the “original” flavor, the seltzer is usually available in fruity flavors, with a hint of other notes also mixed in. This means that you could now enjoy your marijuana and its effects without having to go through a flavor that you may not like that much.

Ease of Use

Consuming marijuana by smoking can be difficult for those who have to travel a lot, have to frequently move around between public places, or have a pesky roommate who doesn’t like the distinct smell of marijuana. But these cannabis infused drink products solve those problems very effectively.

When you have a can of CBD or THC seltzer in your bag or fridge, you can simply draw it out whenever you feel thirsty or want to enjoy the effects of cannabis. This is all without having to worry about finding an open air space or throwing worried looks towards your bedroom door at thinking your roommate may complain again.


Give THC Seltzer a Try Through Oh Hi Seltzer

While CBD seltzer is often available through various locations due to the substance being offered more easily, finding quality THC seltzer could prove to be difficult.

That is a problem that Colorado based company Oh Hi Seltzer is trying to solve. With a variety of flavors available in its THC drink products, the manufacturer aims to make delicious THC beverages a reality.

The company is going to launch its products soon. If you have an inclination to give THC infused drink products a try, then don’t hesitate from following Oh Hi Seltzer on its website or social media platforms.