Medical Marijuana and the Path to Full Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Did you know that all types of marijuana was illegal in the state of Colorado prior to the seminal year of 2000?

That’s right.

You could look all over but never find a recreational dispensary or a medical dispensary anywhere in the state of Colorado.

If you wanted marijuana you would have had to known someone that knew someone else that could get it for you. You had to source your recreational marijuana from those that were a part of the “in crowd”, which in this sense means those that knew where and how to get marijuana for regular consumption. recreational marijuana

The legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado would be well off but the year 2000 ushered in a new era for medical marijuana consumption in Colorado.

2000 was marked by Y2K fears and by the legalization of medical marijuana in the beautiful state of Colorado.

This change to medical marijuana laws did not happen over the course just a couple of days. It took place with the work of many people who possessed the powers of persuasion and lobbying to bring about change in the proper legislative communities to get to the first step.

The first step was to allow individuals who had medical conditions to be able to benefit from the medicinal aspects of medical marijuana.

Data showed that individuals could benefit from the use of the drug and the majority of the people agreed with the data. In the latter half of the year 2000, people would go to vote on Amendment 20 and more than 50% of the voters would vote in favor of the passage of Amendment 20.

Amendment 20 would make it to where patients who followed the proper protocols would be able to utilize medical marijuana.

It was an event that would help bring about even more changes for regular users of marijuana.

Patients were able to have up to 57 grams of the medicinal product on their person. They were even able to become horticulture specialists in the cannabis field as well. They were able to grow up to six cannabis plants for medical purposes.

The doctors played a crucial role in this as well. Under the discretion of the doctor, patients would be able to have access to more than what set forth by the state. The doctor may be able to deem it necessary for the patient to be able to grow more plants and have more than 57 grams of marijuana from specialized places such as a Denver medical dispensary.

Patients that suffered from cancer, frequent bouts of pain, disorders that affected the nervous system, AIDS/HIV and even nausea were able to have access to medical marijuana.

But they were only able to use medical marijuana in specific cases, under the doctor’s orders.

Then came the historic legislation that made way for recreational marijuana in 2012. That gave the foundation to what is now known as a billion dollar industry.


Colorado Laws Have Progressed and We Now Have Northern Lights Cannabis

Colorado laws have changed since then. They now allow for Edgwater medical dispensary locations just as much as they for Edgewater recreational dispensary stores.

We now have dispensaries such as Northern Lights Cannabis that can help to provide all types of services related to marijuana in Colorado. Northern Lights Cannabis hopes to serve those who want to obtain medical and recreational marijuana under a safe and secure environment.